St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church & The Gubbio Project

Claudia Viek


1. Does the program that you are seeking funding for meet one or more of these criteria? 

The congregation or ministry is responsible for the delivery of services and the management of the program and the grant funds for which it applies., Members of the congregation or ministry are involved in the program’s activities as a significant number of volunteers, and/or a majority of the board or advisory committee., The congregation or ministry provides material financial and/or substantial in-kind support to the program.

2. Does this program offer its services to anyone experiencing poverty without regard to church membership, faith or participation in church activities?​


3. Amount of funding you are seeking ($1000-$8000): 


4. Please briefly describe the program, including the service(s) it provides to people living in poverty, how frequently these service(s) are offered and the approximate number of people it serves. If this program has a website, please include a link. (500 character limit)

The Gubbio Project, now fully located at St. John’s, provides sacred space and sanctuary for unhoused people in need of safe, compassionate respite during the day. Each weekday from 6am to noon, 50-100 neighbors seek safety and rest on cots in the church sanctuary and respite in the garden; all are welcomed and treated with respect. Other services include daily provisions, supplies, referrals to social services, foot care by registered nurses, and interfaith chaplaincy for those who want it.

5. How do you plan to use funding from Episcopal Impact Fund?

-Roof gutter repair on 15th Street side of church where there are leaks: $5600
-Kitchen food storage and prep areas brought up to code: $2400. This covers countertops cracked; for food prep safety should be replaced. Wire racks for food storage.

6. Do you have any partners in this program, including other Episcopal congregations? If so, please list.

The Gubbio Project is now fully onsite at St. John’s for both administration and services, as described in this recent SF Chronicle article:

We have an MOU between St. John’s and Gubbio that includes $2,000 per month for rent and utilities, but also assumes an in-kind contribution to the ministry from St. John’s for additional costs including building upkeep and bringing the building to code. We are submitting this grant as a ministry partnership, but the work for the listed upgrades would be undertaken by the congregation.

7. Please attach the current budget for this program that shows all sources of funding, including from the congregation or ministry.