The Community Preschool at Grace Cathedral

Brooke Giesen


1. Does the program that you are seeking funding for meet one or more of these criteria? 

The congregation or ministry provides material financial and/or substantial in-kind support to the program.

2. Does this program offer its services to anyone experiencing poverty without regard to church membership, faith or participation in church activities?​


3. Amount of funding you are seeking ($1000-$8000): 


4. Please briefly describe the program, including the service(s) it provides to people living in poverty, how frequently these service(s) are offered and the approximate number of people it serves. If this program has a website, please include a link. (500 character limit)

Offer inquiry/play-based learning and culturally responsive teaching. Enroll diverse socio-economic situations, ethnicities and cultures. Operate year-round/full day, with extended care hours. Serve parents who work, attend school or seek employment.
58% low income. 1/3 of our 21 families receive 30% to 70% tuition with full tuition for priority families (homeless, domestic violence survivors, active CPS cases, BIPOC, immigrants, undocumented, or IEP/special education. 50% non-English speakers.

5. How do you plan to use funding from Episcopal Impact Fund?

Develop Family Resource Room: library with references, computers, printers. Hire staff, social support experts and interpreters to offer translation, information on immigration, housing, employment, food pantries, health care and domestic violence.

6. Do you have any partners in this program, including other Episcopal congregations? If so, please list.

Non-tuition funding for The Community Preschool is provided by private foundation and city grants.
FY 2021 donations have been received from the following:
San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education (OECE), and Children’s Council and WuYee (CalWorks and Early Learning Scholarship Voucher)--approximately one-quarter of the full budget
Diana Dollar Knowles Foundation
Kimball Foundation
Novotny Giving Fund
Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank
Proceeds from Grace Cathedral’s annual special event, Yoga for Change, which raised $35,000 this fiscal year (December 2020).
23 individual donors

7. Please attach the current budget for this program that shows all sources of funding, including from the congregation or ministry.