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Episcopal Impact Fund and Eden Housing Present Insights and Impact

Housing the Bay​

Can we make the Bay Area truly affordable for all?

Episcopal Impact Fund and Eden Housing present a two-part webinar series examining the post-Covid housing crisis, how we got here, and what we can do to achieve a better future for all residents of the Bay.

“We have failed to fully appreciate how deeply housing is implicated in the creation of poverty.”

Session One: Where are we and how did we get here?

In this first session, we looked at the current state of housing in the Bay Area and how our unique history as well as governmental policy have brought us where we are today. Stephanie Martin Taylor, past KQED housing beat reporter and current head of communications at the Diocese, moderated a conversation with advocates, strategists, builders, and members of the media. Panelists include: Erin Baldassari, Housing Staff Reporter, KQEDFred Blackwell, Chief Executive Officer, San Francisco Foundation; and Gail Gilman, Chief Strategy Officer, All Home.

Session Two: What we can do about it!

In this second session, we looked at the challenges of building affordable housing as well as some success stories in the Bay Area. Our panelists shared real-world examples of how they met the housing crisis head-on and discussed ways we and our communities can do the same. Panelists include: Donna Colombo, on behalf of St Paul's Commons Walnut Creek; Landis Graden, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, DCG Strategies; Ed Hahn, Director, Woodmont Clarke LLC, on behalf of Jordan Court at All Souls Parish Berkeley; ​Linda Mandolini, President, Eden Housing; and Kathleen Piraino, Executive Director, Episcopal Impact Fund, on behalf of Blue Bird Village, Brentwood.

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