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Episcopal Charities is now the Episcopal Impact Fund!

We've changed our name and our branding!

Episcopal Charities is now the Episcopal Impact Fund. Why are we making this change after 35 years? We promote innovative, long-term solutions that address root causes of poverty in the Bay Area, and we want our name to better reflect our work. We provide financial support, mentorship, and guidance to organizations that serve 40,000 people across the Diocese of California. Our annual grants of over $700,000 have a measurable and lasting impact. Our new tagline, Advancing Pathways out of Poverty, summarizes the focus of our grants.

We fund organizations that address the root causes of poverty in three key areas:

Education: Closing the achievement gap

Health and Wellness: Improving equity, access, and well-being

Environment: Promoting environmental justice and equity

Click here to learn more about our focus areas.

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