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Housing Security Grants

Safe, affordable housing is the foundation

The lack of affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area has reached a crisis point. Low-income Bay Area households with high rent burdens face housing and economic insecurity that disrupt family stability, now and in the future.

Safe, secure housing for families lets them stabilize their lives, providing a foundation for them to address other challenges they may face. Stable housing complements other safety net services and lets children focus on education. It is the first step on the pathway out of poverty.

We extend Housing Security Grants to partners who prioritize the well-being of families, youth, and young adults facing the housing crisis. Because families experiencing housing security have unique needs, our grantees provide a variety of models of housing solutions to meet those needs. They offer permanent supportive housing, temporary and transitional housing and serve families with children, young adults, youth exiting the foster care system, and immigrants. No two grantees offer the same support, but they all focus on equipping our vulnerable neighbors with the resources and opportunities they need for stability and long-term self-sufficiency.

Explore More Impact

Ariel Outreach Mission is just one example of the work being done by our grantee community. Dive into the Our Grantees page and unlock a world of innovative organizations fighting for housing security. 


With Episcopal Impact Fund behind us, we’re able to help youth realize their full potential and make sure they can take advantage of every opportunity this great city has to offer.
-Joi Jackson-Morgan, Executive Director, 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic, Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco

Housing Security Grantee Spotlight

Meet Ariel Outreach Mission

Ariel Outreach Mission provides temporary housing and support services to women and their children in crisis and offers other grassroots support services for very low-income residents of East Oakland and the East Bay. Ariel was founded in 1982 by two sisters, Dr. Karla Jackson and Dr. Nadine Scott, after they started seeing women sleeping on the ground and at bus stops. For over 40 years, Ariel has been doing the hands-on work of helping individuals and their family members get on track to excel in life.

Grant at a glance

  • Area Served: Oakland, Alameda County, East Bay

  • Year: 2023

  • Amount: $50,000

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