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Turn your values into action ... and your action into impact

Volunteering with Episcopal Impact Fund and our nonprofit partners offers a unique opportunity to make a hands-on impact in the community and directly improve the lives of others. It not only fosters personal growth and skills development but also strengthens community bonds.

Volunteering is one of the ways we provide value and support to our grantee partners. Our volunteers have renovated shelters, distributed groceries at emergency food pantries, served hot breakfast to our unhoused neighbors in the Tenderloin, and wrapped and delivered Christmas presents to children living in shelters during the holidays.

Embrace the spirit of shared purpose by volunteering with us. We extend a warm invitation to our community, encouraging everyone to contribute their time and talent to the heart-centered organizations we support. Your participation is a vital thread in the tapestry of our shared mission.

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Happy senior woman volunteering working in a soup kitchen
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