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A note from Kathleen

Dear Friends, I’m writing to let you know that after more than 10 deeply fulfilling years as the Executive Director of Episcopal Impact Fund, I have decided that it is time for me to enter the next phase of my life and retire. I expect to step down in mid-2022, which will give our dedicated search committee ample time to find the next leader of the Impact Fund. Over the past 10 years, I have been privileged to know many donors, board members, congregation members and volunteers who care deeply about poverty in the Bay Area. Your dedicated support has enabled Episcopal Impact Fund to dramatically increase its impact on poverty and to branch into new areas of service including affordable housing and racial justice. My deepest thanks to all of you. I have also met nonprofit leaders, staff and clients whose hard work in overcoming poverty is a continuous source of inspiration to me. I appreciate your willingness to explain your work, share your stories and help Episcopal Impact Fund be a better funder and supporter. Everything we accomplish is due to your work on the front lines. Thank you for educating and inspiring me. I want to thank the wonderful staff of Episcopal Impact Fund. Shari Gonzales was there when I was hired many years ago and is still the warm presence and institutional memory of the Impact Fund. Ann Morris, our Advancement Director, has done the hard work to grow our resources and therefore our impact. Kieran King, our first-ever Communications and Brand Director, has shown us how to use all communications channels effectively and beautifully—I’m sure you’ve noticed her work. I’ve also been privileged to work with four wonderful Program Coordinators—the Rev. Justin Cannon, Jory Sandusky, Meijin Leechor and Kendall Laidlaw—who each brought his or her talents to this position. Finally, many thanks to Bishop Marc Andrus for his support of the mission of Episcopal Impact Fund. It has been an honor to work beside you for the past 10 years. If you have questions, would like to chat or have an idea about who my successor could be, please email me at I’d love to connect with you over the phone or even in-person if it seems safe. You know how much I love to talk about Episcopal Impact Fund! Gratefully, Kathleen Piraino P.S. Apparently, I’m being honored at the Night of Light this year! I hope to see you on November 12.



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