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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

Ariel Outreach Mission, an Oakland-based non-profit, provides a temporary home and supportive services for people and families – putting them on the road to self-sufficiency.

We like to say, 'If everybody reach one, we can make a difference' but thanks to Episcopal Impact Fund we can reach so many more.” —Dr. Nadine Scott, Executive Director, Ariel Outreach Mission

Ariel Outreach Mission (AOM) was started over 40 years ago by two amazing sisters, Dr. Nadine Scott and Dr. Karla Jackson, who have dedicated their lives to being givers in their community. "We started this organization to give a room to a college student and have grown it into a organization that has served over over 450,000 single women and women with children who are most at risk," says Dr. Scott.

AOM is a one-stop social service site for people and families experiencing homelessness. They provide housing and shelter and connect individuals with resources and tools to be independent and gain self-sufficiency. The laundry list of support services they provide give their clients the best chance for longterm success. For adults, they deliver case management, counseling, computer training, pre-employment training and more. For children they offer arts and crafts, recreational activities, food, and more. But more than all of that, they create a real family environment where their volunteer network - community members and past clients - allow them to make a large and longterm impact with a small budget.

Watch this video to hear from the founders, volunteers, and clients of Ariel Outreach Mission.

Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to support the heart-centered work being done by Ariel Outreach Mission.



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