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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

Greater Richmond Interfaith Program, the only dedicated family shelter in West Contra Costa County, houses up to 65 individuals – primarily families with children – in their Richmond facility.

“We’ve found a great partner in Episcopal Impact Fund. From their initial grant, to emergency funding during a Covid outbreak, to hosting our families at Grace Cathedral for a holiday concert and luncheon with Christmas presents for all our kids, the Impact Fund has been a true gift to our community.” –Ralph Payton, Executive Director, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program, Richmond

Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic coalition of congregations from varied faiths working together as a diverse and inclusive coalition dedicated to helping those in their community in need.


GRIP’s mission is to provide a safe and nourishing place that helps those who are unsheltered and experiencing poverty move toward self-sufficiency. Over the past near 60 years, they have evolved from a small community food pantry to a multiservice agency, which serves 15,000 homeless, hungry, and low-income clients annually.


It all began in 1966 in the dining room, affectionately known as the Souper Center, with daily hot soup lunches. For decades, neighbors experiencing food insecurity would come for a hot nourishing meal and community. But seeing the need around them, GRIP evolved into providing basic resources and services and ultimately, in 1993, opened a shelter to house people directly.


Today, GRIP serves 7,500 meals each month during peak times and temporarily houses up to 65 people. In addition, they provide services that support their guests – a pantry offering toiletries, underwear, socks, jackets, duffle bags, sleeping bags, and blankets, free showers, laundry services, a public garden and children’s playground, and so much more.


As the only dedicated family shelter in West Contra Costa County, GRIP allows families – newborns, infants, toddlers, single parents, couples, grandparents, teens, and young adults – experiencing housing insecurity to stay together while they work toward self-sufficiency.


GRIP’s staff represents a dedicated group with a unique ability to establish rapport with their clients. As a result, GRIP has earned the reputation as a trusted housing and service provider with a proven track record for making inroads with individuals who have histories of chronic homelessness.


Watch this video to hear from staff, volunteers, and clients.

GRIP helps their unhoused neighbors transition to self-sufficiency by provide a safe and nourishing place for them to transform their lives. Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to support their good work.



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