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Because of your support for the Episcopal Impact Fund …

Homeless individuals in Alameda are able to meet basic personal hygiene needs and maintain their dignity.

“In addition to a homeless shelter and various meal programs, the Homeless Shower Program will offer some dignity and sanitation to our homeless brothers and sisters.” -Rev. Stephen McHale, Rector of Christ Church

Due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19, Christ Church Alameda was forced to cancel the homeless warming shelter they’ve offered for three years. But their commitment to their homeless brothers and sisters never waned so in collaboration with The City of Alameda Community Development Department, they pivoted and created a new program providing showers to their unhoused neighbors.

The program will begin operating weekly and expand as Covid restrictions lift. It provides:

  • 15‐minute showers

  • clean towels

  • toiletries

  • new undergarments

  • lunch

The program will run year‐round in two newly constructed onsite shower facilities staffed by volunteers from Christ Church and the wider community. A grant from Episcopal Impact Fund closed the construction funding gap and allowed the showers to open without delay.

“Personal hygiene is a fundamental human need that maintains our dignity,” said Ana Bagtas of the City of Alameda's Community Development Department. “This shower program will provide our unhoused Alamedans a reliable resource that will give them a sense of stability. We are grateful to Christ Church for this partnership.”



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