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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

California Pacific Medical Center offers mental health support to families to ensure a bright future for children and families

“For our patients, especially those from low-income families, receiving mental health care at no cost at critical stages in their lives is hugely beneficial and has a deeply positive impact. We are so appreciative of the financial contribution from Episcopal Impact Fund’s Brotherton Fund, which makes this care possible.” —Raya Elias-Petros, President, CPMC Foundation

Mental healthcare is hard to access in “normal” times. Two years of pandemic have made access even more difficult, especially for low-income women and families. To address this need, Episcopal Impact Fund has made a $1 million founding grant and ongoing annual gifts from the Brotherton Fund to the Mission Bernal Campus of CPMC (formerly St Luke’s Episcopal Hospital).

This funding provides innovative, accessible and free mental health treatment to pregnant women, new mothers and children who live in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

Untreated perinatal and postpartum depression and other psychiatric illnesses can have devastating long-term effects on mothers and their children. The Perinatal Mental Health Care program allows women to seamlessly access quality mental health care. For children, CPMC’s partnership with Mission Neighborhood Health Center (“Mission Health”) and the Kalmanovitz Child Development Center provides therapy and other interventions to children from low-income families at no cost.

We’ve all felt the toll the pandemic has taken on mental health and know how difficult it can be to access care, especially for low-income, uninsured or underinsured people. Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to partner with CPMC to close this gap.



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