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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

Serenity House Oakland is helping women heal from trauma, transform their lives, and achieve their dreams.

"In every person we see, we see the light of Christ. Thanks to the generous grant from Episcopal Impact Fund, we are able to give women a second chance at a first-class life.” – Melissa Hellums, Executive Director, Serenity House

Serenity House Oakland, a program of Sister to Sister, supports women suffering from domestic violence, addiction, incarceration and homelessness in Oakland, California. Their mission is to empower women to lift themselves and their children out of poverty by providing them with temporary housing paired with wrap-around services and connections to long-term housing and employment, all from a Christian perspective.

The dedicated staff, 60% of whom are former clients, support one another in community allowing each to see a future that they couldn’t imagine alone.

Episcopal Impact Fund’s grant allowed Serenity House to provide supportive housing and wrap-around support services for women in need and their children.



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