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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund …

The Marin Interfaith Homeless Chaplaincy (The Street Chaplaincy) was able to fund a chaplain to work directly with those experiencing homelessness, so they can can be seen and heard in their current reality – in parks, hotels, and shelters – and be viewed in their full humanity.

“Without the contributions of Episcopal Impact Fund, I'm not sure we could have continued doing the one-on-one work that is necessary to building community.” -The Rev. Kirsten Spalding, Board Chair, The Street Chaplaincy

The Street Chaplaincy has a two-fold mission. One is to build bridges of support for unsheltered persons in Marin County. The second is to foster community between the homeless and the faith community in Marin. The Street Chaplain meets homeless people where they are – on the street, in motels/hotels, and shelters – and provides support by connecting them to housing, medical care, and financial assistance.

A dedicated Street Chaplain is crucial to this work. The chaplain does the painstaking, slow work of gaining trust and building relationships with people to whom trust may come with great difficulty. Only then can people experiencing homelessness be truly seen and served.

Episcopal Impact Fund’s grant allowed the Street Chaplaincy to hire Rev. Marty Tracy, to serve as their chaplain, ministering directly to those experiencing homelessness.

Episcopal Impact Fund’s grant allowed the Street Chaplaincy to hire a part-time chaplain, Rev. Marty Tracy, to minister directly to those experiencing homelessness.



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