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Because of your support for the Episcopal Impact Fund ...

Homeless moms in Novato have a stable place to live and mental health support.

Mom with child who live at Gilead House.
Mom with child who live at Gilead House.

“I’m going insane,” shared one mom who lives at Gilead House, which provides temporary supportive housing for homeless women and their children. Many of us may be feeling the same way—hyperbolically, but for those on the precarious journey from homelessness to stability, the mental and financial struggles are a matter of fact.

Financially, each of the seven moms who lives at Gilead House has lost her job; most have little to no savings. Without income, they can’t make their $400 per month contribution to their rent, intended to build the habit of rent-paying and cover some Gilead House’s cost of running the program.

While their fragile financial security is vanishing, these moms are also stuck in very close quarters with a child or two whom they are attempting to homeschool. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are common.

Gilead House is responding to the new reality by evolving its service model. A support group, which used to meet in person, is restarting via Zoom. To address the mental health, it is adding a therapist to the group. To help with schoolwork, each child now has access to an hour of tutoring, available up to five days per week. To alleviate financial stress, Gilead House has waived the monthly rent contribution and is providing more help to cover the basics like laundry and food.

Gilead House family bedroom.

Episcopal Impact Fund’s grant covered some of the un-budgeted expenses, but costs are mounting—to the tune of $10,000 per month. Our ability to continue supporting Gilead House and programs like it across the Bay Area depends on you. 100% of funds donated will quickly go out to the help those in need.



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