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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

New Creation Home Ministries is providing a safe and loving home for at-risk pregnant and parenting mothers and their children in East Palo Alto.

Watch the video above to see how New Creations is delivering a newness of life.

"When our clients start reaching those small attainable goals, they see that they can reach even higher – to those dreams that they never imagined were possible. The grant from the Impact Fund makes this possible.” —Lisa Moody, Program Director, New Creation Home Ministries

Established in 1998, New Creation Home Ministries (NCHM) in East Palo Alto is a transitional residential program for women with children who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, or poverty.

New Creation Home helps pregnant and parenting mothers in need to build a life of long-term independence. Many of the young women coming to New Creation Home are arriving with nothing more the clothes on their backs after living on the streets, on friends couches, in shelters or in their cars. They have little support and little to call their own.

Part of New Creation Home's mission is to start a new story for the families they serve – the story of putting homelessness and poverty behind them and their kids, forever.

NCHM is unique in that it's a transitional home – temporary residence of up to 2 years – that also provides wrap-around services to help families stabilize their lives. By providing a holistic approach which includes supportive housing, parenting resources, and a loving community, mothers and their children able to build a brighter future. Each mother receives onsite case management which is designed to teach and encourage a newness of life.

“How would I describe New Creations in one word? There are lots of words I could use but I'll just say it is 'HOME'. To me, that is meaning in itself.” —Nakia Ellis, NCHM Resident

By providing parenting resources, supportive housing, and a loving community, New Creation Home is giving at-risk mothers and their children a chance at a better life. Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to partner with New Creation Home Ministries and their live-saving and life-changing work.


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