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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

Winter Nights Family Shelter provides shelter and support services to unhoused families in Contra Costa County.

“We meet our clients where they are by providing shelter and support for all things great and small – from a tent to a meal, from guidance finding stable housing to tutoring – we are committed to each client's journey and long-term success.” —Bill Shaw, Executive Director, Winter Nights Family Shelter

Winter Nights Family Shelter is one of only two family shelters in Contra Costa County. Since 2004, Winter Nights has been giving families experiencing homelessness shelter, food, and support while partnering with them to find stable housing so their families can stay together.

Many people have an idea that homelessness is individuals living on the streets of San Francisco but it is also families in more affluent communities living in cars and vans, single mothers with college degrees and jobs struggling to keep their families together, and senior children caring for senior parents on the streets. Each situation is unique but the results are often the same and the need is great. By partnering with local congregations of all faiths, Winter Nights is able to do a lot with a small staff.

"Winter Nights is the hand that holds you up so you can take care of what you need to. We arrived in with just the clothes on our backs and they provided a place to stay, new clothes, and dignity so we can move forward." -Former Winter Nights Client

Being safely housed and having your basic needs met, is the first step to putting a family on the road to success. Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to partner with Winter Nights Family Shelter ensuring that those in need in Contra Costa County are off the streets and out of harm's way during the winter months.



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