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Episcopal Impact Fund Response to the Pandemic

Episcopal Impact Fund Response to the Pandemic

Episcopal Impact Fund has sprung into action to meet the new and ever-evolving challenges of the pandemic. Here’s an update since our last newsletter.

Last week Shari and I ventured into the office (on separate days) to process almost 100 grants to congregations and nonprofits hardest hit by the current crisis.

"I'm sitting here in shock and gratitude. We have whole families that have lost their work. Thank you again. May God bless the Episcopal Impact Fund team.”

– Rev. Anna Lange-Soto, Missioner, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

"Episcopal Impact Fund was made for times such as these."

– Katie Evenbeck, Executive Director, St Dorothy’s Rest

We have pushed out funding to each of our congregations and ministries in the diocese to be given to people who find themselves suddenly needing shelter or food because their paychecks have stopped. We have also set up a rapid response fund to help nonprofits meeting basic needs who are facing a triple threat of increased costs, more people to serve and (often) canceled fundraisers. For example:

  • Good Samaritan Family Resource Center told us that as many of 300 of their families will run out of food within a week.

  • Episcopal Community Services reached out for help housing their essential workers who are afraid to go home at the end of each exhausting shift because they live with elderly parents or family members who have compromised immune systems.

  • The young mothers who live at Gilead House in Marin have uniformly lost their hourly jobs and can no longer make their modest contribution to the house expenses that keeps Gilead House solvent.

I could tell a similar story for each of the nonprofits we have sent money to in the past week.

I have never been prouder of our board and staff than when we met last week and decided that we had to act boldly and take financial risks by greatly exceeding our normal granting budget – in fact, more than doubling it. As the great teacher, Hillel said, “If not now, when?”

Your generosity will make it possible for Episcopal Impact Fund to continue to make a real difference during this unprecedented situation. If you’re moved to give, 100% of your donation during the pandemic will go directly to those most in need – so rest assured that your gift is being thoughtfully, efficiently and effectively distributed to your most vulnerable Bay Area neighbors.

Thank you for being part of our community. We hope you stay safe and healthy.




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