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Is your congregation doing good work in your community?

Episcopal Impact Fund is Now Accepting Congregational/Ministry Grant Applications

Episcopal Impact Fund invites congregations or ministries in the Diocese of California to apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to support your good work serving your neighbors living in poverty in the Bay Area. As the outreach arm of the Diocese of California, the Episcopal Impact Fund reserves a portion of our grants each year to help fund the life-changing work of our churches and ministries addressing the root causes of poverty in their communities. We understand how vital you are in the lives of your congregants and the Bay Area at large. To be eligible for a grant, the answer to both these questions must be YES:

1. Does the program meet one or more of these criteria?

  • A Diocal congregation or ministry is responsible for the delivery of services and the management of the program and the grant funds for which it applies.

  • Members of a Diocal congregation or ministry are involved in the program’s activities as a significant number of volunteers, and/or a majority of the board or advisory committee.

  • A Diocal congregation or ministry provides material financial and/or substantial in-kind support to the program.

2. Does this program offer its services to anyone experiencing poverty without regard to church membership, faith, or participation in church activities? Applications are due June 17, 2022.



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