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Marin County Grant Awarded!

Marin County Grant Awarded!

Episcopal Charities is pleased to award a three year grant to Gilead House in Marin County. Gilead House emerged as a potential grantee from the Marin Action Network meetings this past fall. Gilead House offers hope to women and children in need by providing transitional housing and life skills training which leads to a life of independence.

Here's one success story:

Melissa had been a victim of domestic violence and had recently recovered from a severe car accident. She also had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and had been fired from her job. Now in recovery and with a restraining order in hand she was trying to move forward with her life. She had gone back to work but was about to lose the apartment she shared with her 3 year old daughter. These years took a toll. As she was at her wits end, she received a call from Gilead House that she had been accepted. When she got to the house, she said, ‘For years I had been holding my breath. When I got to Gilead House, I could finally exhale.’ She actively participated in the life skills program, received three promotions while at Gilead House, and celebrated two years in recovery. She became a manager of a retail coffee store and now lives on her own with her daughter. She also reports that the financial life skills classes played a significant role in her now having a savings account and being able to pay in cash for emergencies.



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