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Spotlight: Environmental Projects

Spotlight: Environmental Projects

Over the past year, we’ve been involved in several new projects that address the environment as it relates to the root causes of poverty.

Here are a few of them:

  • Collaborating with environmental leaders to convene industry, government, faith leaders, and nonprofits to develop a vision and strategy for green jobs in the East Bay.

  • Helping a church and several community organizations create a partnership to apply for SB 535 Cap-and-Trade funding to bring a community garden and tree planting to an underserved community.

  • Funding grantees that work to improve the environment and the lives of people in their communities:

GRID Alternatives brings the benefits of solar energy to low-income homeowners and offers job training to at-risk youth in solar installation.

Urban Releaf plants trees in historically underserved communities and provides job training for local youth and adults.



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