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Success Spotlight: The Workstation

Success Spotlight: The Workstation

If you are a non-English speaking parent, no matter how dedicated, helping your son or daughter succeed in school is difficult. A group of volunteers at Holy Trinity Episcopal in Richmond, led by Phyllis Manoogian, knew that the neighborhood around their church had evolved over the years and is now full of kids living in non-English speaking homes.

After getting to know some of these families, they realized that helping the kids with their homework would benefit their neighbors and bring new vitality to their church.

Twice a week, nearly two dozen elementary age students attend the Work Station and are met by a friendly group of volunteer tutors who help them with their homework. The students and volunteers work on reading, writing and arithmetic together, helping to increase confidence and improve grades while building close relationships. These young scholars now have a dedicated team at Holy Trinity who care about their success.

Volunteers have also been a tremendous resource for parents trying to navigate a complicated and unfamiliar school system on behalf of their children. Work Station volunteers have attended parent/teacher conferences with parents and regularly communicate with teachers to better serve the children who attend the Work Station

Thanks to your generous donations, Episcopal Charities was able to provide the Work Station with a grant to buy tablet computers, install a new heater for the classroom and purchase necessary supplies. Episcopal Charities applauds the good work The Workstation does each week.



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