Like many of you, Episcopal Impact Fund began 2020 with a business-as-usual mindset. Our granting budget and grant criteria were set. We had proposals in-hand and were laboring to select our grantees from among many respected and worthy applicants to fit our budget — always a painful process. But by early March, we knew we were called to do so much more in the face of the great suffering being caused by the pandemic. We quickly changed course.

Instead of winnowing our applicants, we blew up our granting budget and more than doubled our grants. This took a leap of faith and a choice to listen to the call that told us to do more.

What we didn’t know was how generously YOU — our amazing community of supporters — would respond. We are delighted to share that the Impact Fund broke fundraising records last year, including for our virtual Night of Light. Because of YOU, we can continue to make budget-busting grants into 2021.


As you scroll down the page, you'll see how many people's lives were impacted. Never forget that this is all possible because of you - thank you! To read more stories of our grantees' heroic efforts, download this PDF.


The more you give, the more Episcopal Impact Fund can do.

Jennifer Brooks,

President, Board of Directors

Kathleen Piraino,

Executive Director



Episcopal Impact Fund serves organizations that address the root causes of poverty in the Bay Area. Inspired by the teachings of the gospel, we share a vision of a world without poverty.



Number of People Served


Total Grants


Number of Organizations We Support


Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to support the life-changing work of nonprofits and congregations in every part of the Bay Area. Since 2019, we have focused particularly on disrupting the cycle of inter-generational poverty – the kind of poverty that keeps children from escaping the circumstances they are born into and securing a better future. We believe that no child’s zip code should determine their future.


Hand in Hand

In choosing our grantees, we look for a commitment to measurable impact, continuous learning and improvement and diverse leadership. The Impact Fund is proud to support each of these powerful changemakers!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In 2020, Episcopal Impact Fund was committed to helping our partners during their time of uncertainty and great need. We made rapid response grants to 111 community organizations and Episcopal congregations since the pandemic forced shelter-in-place restrictions. Your donations made this possible!

We donated to the discretionary fund of all 76 congregations of the Diocese, a grassroots and efficient way of getting help to those who needed it most during the pandemic. Our congregations are deeply embedded in their  communities, and neighbors turn to them for help as a last resort. The Impact Fund’s grants enabled congregations to respond with generosity and compassion.

The Impact Fund also gave unrestricted grants to the Diocese’s two camp and conference centers (Bishop’s Ranch and St. Dorothy’s Rest) and to the Chaplaincy program at San Francisco State University, to be given to individuals facing the devastating financial consequences of the pandemic.

Sharing with Love

Episcopal Impact Fund administers the Brotherton Fund, named after the founder of the former St. Luke’s Hospital (now the Mission/Bernal Campus of CPMC). This hospital serves many low-income, uninsured and underinsured San Franciscans.


Episcopal Impact Fund is the founder and lead funder of two innovative programs at the hospital:

On behalf of the Diocese of California, Episcopal Impact Fund administers four endowments that specifically serve elders, the incarcerated, and people in recovery. This year, our social ministry grants went to:


It is no accident that we mark the Resurrection of Jesus in the Spring. Life has come again! The new life of trees and plants, the awakening life of hibernating creatures, the new life God gives us through Jesus Christ.

Many of us are feeling a new layer to the many signs of new life around us, in the world, in the Church. Because of the diligence and faithfulness of our diocese and more generally of the Bay Area, and the urgent work of scientists, we are able to hope for days when we can meet together again. Meeting at and in our churches, able to share the Sacrament of the Eucharist after so very long.

Episcopal Impact Fund shares in the joy at the moment so close at hand, and at the same time keeps its focus on those for whom there is little or no rejoicing. I hope you will join me in supporting Episcopal Impact Fund as they make the world safer and more joyful for the most vulnerable.

Our goal is the Beloved Community, where all may rejoice.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Marc Handley Andrus,

Bishop of California