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Special Initiatives

Perinatal Mental Health at St. Luke's 

Episcopal Impact Fund continues to make a significant annual grant to fund the Perinatal Mental Healthcare program at the former St. Luke’s campus, that was created with its 2017 start-up grant. Pregnant women and new mothers with mental health issues can now be treated, free of charge, at the same setting where they receive prenatal care and give birth, rather than being referred out. For low-income women, having an integrated approach to all aspects of their medical care is a crucial factor in ensuring the best possible outcomes for them and their children. 

Affordable Housing

Episcopal Impact Fund recognizes that the lack of affordable housing in the Bay Area is one of the defining social issues of our times. Although this issue affects everyone, no one is more harmed by the housing crisis than people living in poverty. At the same time, many Episcopal congregations in the diocese are eager to explore the potential for affordable housing to be built on their property. Thanks to your generosity, Episcopal Impact Fund is uniquely positioned to connect congregations to experts to help them assess what is possible on their sites and provide first dollar funding to explore their options.

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