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Racial Justice Resources

General Resources

Resources for Black History Month - February 2021

The Diocese of California has compiled a list of resources to celebrate Black History Month 2021. We invite you to visit and partake.

Insights & Impact Webinar Series - The Episcopal Impact Fund We Need to Be: A Series on Social Justice, Poverty and Impact

In this time of heightened focus, acknowledging the intersection between race, class and poverty has become even more urgent. An impactful response requires education, commitment, personal transformation, and action.


8:46 - Dave Chappelle

How Can We Win - by Kimberly Jones

What happened 99 years ago in the Tulsa Race Massacre

In 1921, the “proud, rich, black” community in Tulsa suffered a brutal massacre — up to 300 black Tulsans were murdered by white residents, and a thriving neighborhood of that Oklahoma city burned to the ground.

An Outrage: A Documentary Film About Lynching in the American South - Viewers Guide – Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren: A Viewers Guide for Grades 9-12: 

An Outrage, a documentary film by Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren, ad- dresses the dark and painful history of lynching in the American South. Set against the backdrop of six lynching sites, An Outrage looks at this history through the eyes of community activists, scholars and descendants of victims. The interviews highlight the deep, lasting effects of lynchings—used as a tool of social control and racial violence against African Americans for close to a century following the Civil War—and their connections to the present.

When They See Us – Ava Duvernay

Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they are falsely accused of a brutal attack Central Park. Based on a true story. On Netflix with subscription required.

Articles & Essays

"Glimmers of Hope" – John A. Powell 

"New Analysis Shows Startling Levels of Discrimination Against Black Transgender People" – National LGBTQ Task Force

"The 1619 Project" – New York Times Magazine (Requires Subscription)

"So You Want to Learn About Juneteenth" – New York Times Magazine (Requires Subscription)

Curricula and Compiled Resources



Thirteenth – Ava Duvernay

Slavery. Jim Crow. Criminalization. Links in a chain of racily inequality, forged by political and economic motives. On Netflix with subscription required.

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