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Strategic Plan 2019-2022: Strategic Directions

Finally, we turned to the plan itself and identified four strategic directions for the next four years.


Over the next four years, Episcopal Impact Fund will focus more closely on its relationship with Episcopal congregations in the Diocese of California. We envision a dynamic relationship with a mutually beneficial engagement, in which we provide support to congregational outreach efforts through grants, advice and expertise; and congregations support us through participation in our fundraising events, serving as board members and other meaningful ways appropriate to each congregation.


We will create two granting programs: One will be restricted to congregations to support their outreach efforts to people living in poverty. The second program, our community-based grants, will provide fewer, larger grants, all aimed at disrupting intergenerational poverty by serving youth, children and their families. Our grant-making will be informed by our theory of change and by the Ecosystem for Change.


We will add a housing component to our granting to help increase the supply of new affordable housing. A key strategy within the housing component is directly dependent on our deepened relationship with congregations, as we support congregations in discerning whether their non-strategic real estate could be used to create additional housing for their low-income neighbors.


Finally, we will strengthen our long-term viability by creating a planned giving program and by engaging a new generation of donors and supporters.


In summary, our four new strategic directions are:

  1. Reframe, strengthen and leverage relationships with congregations;

  2. Match grant-making strategy to our expertise, resources and mission;

  3. Support congregations’ efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing in their communities; and

  4. Deepen engagement with existing donors and engage a new generation of donors in Episcopal Impact Fund’s work.

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