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Mission & Vision

Episcopal Impact Fund promotes innovative, long-term solutions to address the root causes of poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Core Values

Excellence - We are committed to continuous improvement in our own work and the work of our grantees, to deepen our impact for those living in poverty.

Stewardship - We practice prudent stewardship of our resources in order to serve future generations in the Bay Area and to honor the trust of past, current and future donors.

Integrity - We demonstrate integrity, transparency and equity in our decision making and in all of our internal and external affairs.

Inclusivity - We embrace our relationship with the Diocese of California in providing outreach, but we serve without regard to religious affiliation or practice.

Collaboration - We collaborate in our own work and encourage our grantees to collaborate to provide the best possible services to those they serve.

Vision - Our focus is on the future as we strive to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of those we serve.

Compassion - We demonstrate kindness and compassion; holding an intention to do good.

Respect – Our work is always conducted with respect for the value of each individual.

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