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Because of your support for Episcopal Impact Fund…

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic is ensuring that youth in Bayview Hunters Point have access to the same opportunities for healthcare, employment, and education as other youth in San Francisco.

Hear directly from 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic staff and youth in this video success story.

"With you behind us, each day we’re able to help youth realize their full potential and make sure they can take advantage of every opportunity this great city has to offer." —Joi Jackson-Morgan, Executive Director, 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic

Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) is an under-served and under-resourced neighborhood in the southeastern corner of San Francisco. Described by James Baldwin as "the San Francisco America pretends does not exist," it is one of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the City. But the youth from the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood are resilient and strong. They want to finish high school and go to college, have fun with their friends, get jobs and have their own apartments, and work toward fulfilling careers. Like all young people, they need the guidance of caring and safe adults to make responsible decisions about their health and wellness and their futures.

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic was founded in 2005 as a community effort to ensure that the 6,000 young residents of the neighborhood have health education and arts programming over the summer months. 3rd Street now reaches more than 1,600 young people across the entire San Francisco Bay Area annually providing access to a wide range of holistic services including a health care clinic, mental health counseling, housing services, a homeless shelter, a food pantry, workforce/education development, and health and wellness education.

By providing opportunities for healthcare, employment, and education to the youth of BVHP, 3rd Street is empowering them to become successful, contributing adults. Episcopal Impact Fund is proud to partner with 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic and their clients on this journey.



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